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NEW! Aged Care Residents Giving Children Learning for Life!
If you have a parent or friend in an aged-care home who would love this, please email me with details of the home by clicking here.

The Jazzles Academy. It sends goose bumps up my arm - our most exciting 'win-win' concept. It's cross-generational learning that is breathing new pride, dignity, happiness and health back into the lives of aged care residents.
Here's why!
When schools break, many of the staff in retirement homes are forced to take leave, unable to afford casual daycare. Retirement home healthcare and hospitality staff cover the range of socio-economics. Nearly 1 in 2.5 are migrant workers, many with poor English skills. While disadvantaged children keep up with their middle-class friends cognitively during school, they fall far behind during holidays. Now I am solving these issues, including improving significantly resident well-being while reducing staffing stress, by tailoring my Arts Integrated 'Jazzles ELA' program so that residents of retirement communities can run the Jazzles Academy. The Academy is an integrated arts ELA holiday program for the children of staff ranging from 4 to 10 years, with older children operating a 'buddy' system. Full of hard won but often dormant life skills, the benefits for residents are enormous. These include increased socialization, sharing stories and wisdom, rebuilding esteem and joyful activity. Everyone who experiences Jazzles, loves it. Now, with the Jazzles Academy, vibrancy and staff stability is achieved and, instead of falling behind in holiday time, children's learning maintains a strong momentum!
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Other Programs

Arts Integration Q & A Professional Development Speaker

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As the creator of the world's only Arts-Integrated Kindergarten ELA Program, Lesley Beth is an inspiring pioneer for thousands of educators seeking answers as to how to integrate the Arts into their ELA program.
Primed with amusing anecdotes, Lesley's 'Q and A' sessions are peppered with examples of how to thematically web drama and performing arts to power exceptional levels of engagement, vocabulary and knowledge and overcome the plethora of prescriptive curricula blighting our 21st Century students.
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Animated Reading Songs No joke for kids with no books!

Despite nearly 50 years of national focus on reading development, the majority of children in the U.S. are still failing to read at a proficient level. Now, there's a turn-around program. Lesley Beth's uniquely, innovative 'Animated Reading Songs' is a system designed to engage even the most reluctant learner. Each of the Jazzles ELA's 26 song-themed units begins with an animated reading song that effortlessly develops all 6 big ideas of reading. Song-powered recall of vocabulary provides scaffolding for discussions, role play, reading and writing scenarios.
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'Underwater Songs' Includes spectacular music videos

The minute you press play, you will be transported by cool jazzy music to the calming ocean waters, swimming and playing with tiny turtles, sea lions, manatees, and if you're lucky, the sea otter might rap for you. Bubbling with fun and information, meet the Shark in the Dark, slide with the Slippery Seal and do the Crocodile Crunch, as we unveil the sea's most infamous and beautiful creatures. The ability not only to entertain but to educate, is writer/composer Lesley Beth's main priority and every song comes with her beautifully hand illustrated and printable song lyrics and project pages.
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ESL/EFL After-School Tutoring Wide Age Range

Most of these programs are just boring! Jazzles is different, turning EFL learners into karaoke stars! Jazzles uses a systematic introduction of animated songs with prolifically alliterative English subtitles. Within the Jazzles lyrics, are 77% the most important words in contemporary English as well as over 70% of high frequency sight words. Every time kids watch the videos, they are learning intuitively letter sounds, letter shapes, word shapes, vocabulary in context, left-to-right directionality in reading and writing as well as gestures and word pitch and tone! Wow!
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JazzleOke Friday A favorite weekly learning treat!

Ending school weeks on a high note is important. Each of the Lesson Plans has a JazzleOke page listing easy to implement group performance ideas. Inspired performances include backing singers, costumes and dressing-up, dramatized with props, lighting and masks. Opportunities abound for children to find their strengths and develop skills such as videoing, directing, script writing, sound engineering, creating backdrops, lighting and editing. Shortly, I will be launching the JazzleOKe Friday Pinterest Channel featuring the best of the engaging, humorous and inspiring videos posted to YouTube EDU. Join me!
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Lesley Beth Composer!Working with the Best

When Lesley goes recording, she only works with top editors and musicians. With Underwater Songs, world-renowned musicians include Clive Lenditch, who's played acoustic guitar with stars like Manhattan Transfer, Peter Allen, Idina Menzel and Neil Sedaka. Additional artists include drums by Gordon Rytmeister (Tom Jones, The Commodores, Bob Geldof, Roger Frampton, Bobby Shew, Anthony Warlow and Eartha Kitt) and legendary electric bassist Mark Costa, who's performed with The Temptations, Tom Jones, Leo Sayer, Go West, Chris Isaak, Debbie Reynolds and Thelma Houston.
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